A New Standard in Organic Sound, Expression, and Realism

Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL® Piano Sound Engine evolves with Acoustic Projection technology — an innovative, multi-dimensional sound system built into the new HP-505. Acoustic Projection is inspired by the flagship V-Piano Grand and its ability to reproduce the natural sound field of an acoustic piano. The marriage of Roland’s world-leading technologies in the HP-505 empowers pianists with a complete, immersive acoustic-piano experience.

  • Natural, organic multi-dimensional sound field of an acoustic piano produced by Acoustic Projection technology
  • SuperNATURAL® Piano sound engine with seamless tonal changes according to touch, plus beautiful decay and faithful reproduction of the differences in tone between each key
  • PHA III (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement and Progressive Damper Action Pedal
  • Play classical piano masterpieces using the authentic sounds (such as true fortepiano) they were written for
  • Elegant and bold design; The HP-505 is perfect for traditional or contemporary interiors
  • Onboard LCD offers user-friendly operation with straightforward front-panel layout
  • Energy-saving technology achieves powerful and dynamic sound with lower power consumption
  • Compatible with free Piano Partner app for iPad