Additional Benefits

No Tuning and No Maintenance

Roland pianos, unlike acoustic pianos, need no tuning or regular maintenance by professional technicians. These digital advantages alone could save you thousands of dollars over the time you own your instrument. An acoustic piano must be tuned regularly—usually every six months—to maintain its playability, and also needs regular maintenance of its complex internal mechanisms and thousands of moving parts. In contrast, a Roland piano sounds and plays perfectly all the time—simply power it on and enjoy.

Maintaining High Quality Standards with Environmentally Conscious Designs

Energy Saving TechnologyRoland pianos are designed not only with top musical quality in mind, but the environment as well. Rated power consumption is constantly being reduced to improve on previous models, thanks to our efforts in redesigning power supply circuits and advancing the efficiency of the built-in amps and speakers. The “Energy Saving Technology” logo identifies Roland technologies that make effective use of limited energy resources, and promotes development of eco-conscious electronic musical instruments that incorporate such technologies in any of our product categories.

The Ivory Feel keyboards in Roland pianos were designed with consideration for the environment and are very eco-friendly. The extra plastic parts are recyclable, and the keyboard contains no lead components. By using lead-free solder in the assembly of our printed circuit boards, we actively implement environmental measures in our products’ components as well as in our manufacturing processes.

The wood used to make our digital piano cabinets is imported from Indonesia. In 2008, Roland designated a 100-acre area where the company has been planting trees for environmental purposes. The area contains a mixture of protected forest and trees designated for the production of digital piano cabinets. This forestation project is expected to offset approximately 10,000 tons of CO2 over a period of 20 years.