Why Roland

The first is still the best.

Roland has been a leading developer of electronic musical instruments for over 40 years and has remained dedicated to moving piano technology forward since its inception. In 1975, we introduced the first line of digital pianos for the home, and the ensuing years have seen a stream of award-winning piano innovations that continue to set standards for others to follow. When you purchase a Roland piano, you’re investing in the very best musical instrument technology available in the world today, born from decades of continuous research and dedication.


We build quality instruments for quality musical development.

Top piano educators will tell you that learning on an instrument with quality tone and touch is one of the most important elements in developing piano skills the right way. Unlike so many lesser digital instruments in the marketplace today, the superior technologies in Roland pianos truly erase the line between the traditional and modern, delivering the authentic sound and feel of world-class acoustic grand pianos at a fraction of the price. Our unmatched dedication to quality ensures that your Roland instrument will provide a solid foundation for many years of productive development, personal satisfaction, and joy with the piano.


Roland’s digital technologies bring a world of advantages.

Unlike acoustic instruments, a Roland piano always sounds perfect and never requires tuning or other costly maintenance, potentially saving you thousands of dollars over years of ownership. In addition, the digital technologies included in various Roland pianos provide practical advantages and creative possibilities that are simply impossible with acoustic pianos. Among them are easy volume control, silent practice with headphones, instant recording of performances, built-in education features, connectivity for mobile devices and computers, and many, many more.


A wide range of pianos to suit any budget, style, or space.

From the extensive Roland lineup, you’re sure to find the perfect piano for your needs and lifestyle. Our selection includes everything from elegant grand piano and upright styles for the home to mobile pianos that are ideal for small spaces and stage performing. Even the most affordable models include Roland’s superior tone, touch, and build quality, delivering best-in-class performance and exceptional value when compared to competing instruments.