9 Awesome Piano Videos

Inspiring, Jaw-Dropping, and Just Plain Funny

Music is uplifting to the soul. Whether you’re playing, listening, watching, or participating in it, music has the ability to touch people deeply in different ways. Take a few moments from your day to let these piano videos amaze and entertain you. You’ll probably crack a smile, or even bust out into full-blown laughter.

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Piano Video #1: Crazy Fast “Flight of the Bumblebee”

How does she do it? This may be the most impressive version of “Flight of the Bumblebee” ever played on a piano. From the flying tempo to the octave passages, this video will blow your mind! Yuja Wang is a world-touring concert pianist—catch her if you can.

Piano Video #2: Piano Stairs

How great would it be if stairs were created to also function as a giant piano? Surely it would promote more exercise. The guys at Fun Theory are finding creative ways to change human behavior by injecting a little fun into everyday activities.

Piano Video #3: The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys have become super-popular from their multitude of YouTube videos. The effects and techniques they implement on the piano are incredible, turning it into a one-instrument orchestra. They also publish original sheet music for piano that you can purchase from their website.

Piano Video #4: Magic Piano

Okay, this obviously isn’t a magical piano; it’s played remotely by an unidentified pianist. Still, it’s fun to watch how people react to what the piano “plays” for them based on their age, mood, stature, etc. My favorite is the guy who busts out into dance!

Piano Video #5: Adorable Young British Composer

Alma Deutscher is as charming as Hermione Granger. Her quaint composition, based on Ellen’s theme song, is both impressive for her young age and lovely to listen to. Plus, it never gets old to see a young musician so passionate and excited about creating and playing music.

Piano Video #6: Piano Bike

Meet the man (Gary Frank Skaggs) who realized that a typical bike just wasn’t enough. He decided to attach a piano to it for musical transportation. Why play at a venue when you can drive to the crowds?

The City Exposed: Piano Bike from San Francisco Chronicle on Vimeo.

Piano Video #7: “Big” Piano

Remember that iconic scene from the movie Big with Tom Hanks? As cool as that scene was, this performance might be a little more impressive.

Piano Video #8: Victor Borge – Classic

Victor Borge, known as “The Great Dane,” was one of the most well-known comedians/musicians there ever was. Famous for his unique blend of comedy and piano performance, Victor gave entertaining shows every time he graced the stage. Not only was he funny, but he was also a very accomplished player. Check out one of his hilarious bits.

Piano Video #9: Cat Video

The popularity of cat videos is out of control these days. So naturally, a video of a cat playing the piano had to be included on this list. Yes, I went there. Sure, there are videos of cats using their actual arms to play the piano, but this one is just so darn goofy that it always induces a laugh.

So there you have it, nine awesome piano videos. Feeling inspired? Visit our products section for a list of affordable entry-level pianos. To get info on our entire lineup, visit the piano products page at RolandUS.com.