7 Tips for Beginning Pianists

Are you just starting out on the piano, or thinking of learning how to play? Check out these great tips to improve faster, gain confidence, and have more fun while developing your music skills.

Use the F-20’s Onboard Recorder to Improve Your Playing

Among the many great advantages of the F-20 Digital Piano is the ability to instantly record music, capturing your performances with the simple touch of a button. Very convenient to use, the recording function provides a multitude of ways to assist in making and…

The Roland Digital Advantage

Are you thinking about purchasing a piano, and trying to decide whether an acoustic or digital instrument is right for you? For many people, a Roland digital piano offers so many practical advantages over an acoustic piano that it’s easily the best choice.

How to Make Practicing the Piano Fun

One of the biggest struggles that beginning musicians face is learning to embrace and enjoy the process of practicing. Efficient practice is extremely important in order to progress on the piano or any instrument, but it can be difficult to stay motivated, particularly when…

Tips to Stay Motivated for Piano Practice

Baby steps. Hey, it worked for Bill Murray in What about Bob? Seriously though, don’t try to tackle repertoire that is too difficult. The music should be hard enough that you have to push yourself a bit to play it well, but not so…