Why Digital

Whether you’re purchasing a first piano for your family or thinking about purchasing a new instrument to replace one you already own, a digital piano offers many advantages over a traditional acoustic piano.


Digital pianos offer an educational experience not imaginable with traditional pianos. You can connect a digital piano to a variety of software programs and quickly start the learning process using today’s technology. It has been proven that students simply learn faster and stick with their music studies longer when using a digital piano.

WiFi and USB connection

Wi-Fi-ready digital pianos allow you to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, portable music player, or tablet. Once connected, you can enjoy many special apps designed for learning, remote control, performing, and composing. You can also connect a common USB cable from your digital piano to your PC or tablet, further increasing the opportunities for inspiration.


With a digital piano, you can enhance your musical experience with a world of useful accessories. From headphones for silent practice and deluxe benches with music storage to adapters for Wi-Fi communication and additional speakers for public performance, there are countless ways for you to expand your music making.


Today’s technology products are always being improved upon. Digital pianos are no different, and you can enjoy the latest features and benefits offered when you’re ready to take that next step in your musical adventure.