Roland Piano Designer App

Personalize the Sound of Your Piano from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Roland is now offering a powerful free app for iOS and Android devices that unlocks a world of hidden parameters inside select piano models. Created for discerning players, Piano Designer provides numerous tools to customize the instrument’s sound and response for particular applications or playing styles. But even if you’re a less experienced pianist, you can still have fun with Piano Designer by exploring the many included presets created by a renowned piano technician. Read more

5 Lessons from Kindergarten Every Musician Should Know

Tap Into Early Wisdom for a Productive Musical Life

Kindergarten is a time for new and exciting discoveries that shape the rest of our lives. But in the midst of growing up and dealing with more mature issues, it’s easy to forget about the foundational skills we learned at this developing age. As you learn to play the piano or another musical instrument, take a moment to remember these five simple lessons from your early years and use them to refresh your enthusiasm and enhance your growth as a musician. Read more

6 Piano Blogs You Should Follow

Tips for Learning, Playing & Teaching

“Things aren’t how they used to be.” I remember my parents saying that as I was growing up. Now it’s my turn to say it. When I was growing up, music class was my favorite part of the day. Now it seems that students are lucky if they ever see an arts teacher before reaching high school. You could say I’m a cynic, but it’s true. According to an article published by the National Education Association, arts education is disappearing in schools that need it most. Lucky for us we can bring arts education right into our homes with the Internet. Yes, things aren’t how they used to be, but here are six piano blogs you should be following if you’re looking for great resources to learn, play, and teach piano. Read more

Acoustic Piano vs. Digital Piano

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

If you’re on a budget and looking for a piano, you may be trying to decide whether an acoustic piano or digital piano is the best choice. To help you make an informed decision, let me start out with a little story based on my own personal experience. Read more

9 Awesome Piano Videos

Inspiring, Jaw-Dropping, and Just Plain Funny

Music is uplifting to the soul. Whether you’re playing, listening, watching, or participating in it, music has the ability to touch people deeply in different ways. Take a few moments from your day to let these piano videos amaze and entertain you. You’ll probably crack a smile, or even bust out into full-blown laughter. Read more

7 Tips for Beginning Pianists

Are you just starting out on the piano, or thinking of learning how to play? Check out these great tips to improve faster, gain confidence, and have more fun while developing your music skills. Read more

Use the F-20’s Onboard Recorder to Improve Your Playing

Among the many great advantages of the F-20 Digital Piano is the ability to instantly record music, capturing your performances with the simple touch of a button. Very convenient to use, the recording function provides a multitude of ways to assist in making and learning of music. Read more

The Roland Digital Advantage

Are you thinking about purchasing a piano, and trying to decide whether an acoustic or digital instrument is right for you? For many people, a Roland digital piano offers so many practical advantages over an acoustic piano that it’s easily the best choice. Read more

How to Make Practicing the Piano Fun

One of the biggest struggles that beginning musicians face is learning to embrace and enjoy the process of practicing. Efficient practice is extremely important in order to progress on the piano or any instrument, but it can be difficult to stay motivated, particularly when you’re first starting out and training your brain and hands to execute basic skills. Fortunately, following some simple concepts and incorporating today’s digital technology can make practicing interesting and fun for both kids and adults, helping them enjoy the process more as they learn to play the piano. Read more

Tips to Stay Motivated for Piano Practice

Baby steps.

Hey, it worked for Bill Murray in What about Bob? Seriously though, don’t try to tackle repertoire that is too difficult. The music should be hard enough that you have to push yourself a bit to play it well, but not so difficult that you can never learn more than a few measures at a time. Work on pieces that provide you with the opportunity to succeed and learn them at your own pace. Read more