Premium sound.

A truly authentic piano experience with rich, complex, and dynamic tone.

A Roland piano delivers the timeless sound of a traditional high-end piano in every way, with stunning realism that you simply must experience for yourself.


Feeling is believing.

Expressive keyboard action to translate your emotion into beautiful music.

The piano’s familiar black and white keys are the player’s tools for making music, and the Ivory Feel keyboard on our instruments makes this experience truly remarkable.


Learn how to play. And have fun doing it.

Roland pianos are filled with features that make practice enjoyable and rewarding.

For centuries, learning how to play the piano has been regarded as not much fun. But when you sit down at a Roland piano, you’ll want to play for hours on end. Our instruments are packed with cool features to enhance your music journeys and endlessly inspire you. Play, explore, and smile. This is fun!


Connect with the technology in your world.

Seamless integration with the devices you use every day.

All Roland pianos can connect to your computer for recording and composing with the latest music software. In addition, most provide access to USB and Wi-Fi technologies, and you can even connect your Apple iOS devices and use great music apps—including a number of free apps from Roland—with a growing number of models.


A piano for now and the future.

The perfect instrument for your modern lifestyle.

Unlike acoustic pianos, Roland pianos require no tuning or regular maintenance—they sound perfect all the time, saving you money and fitting in perfectly with your busy lifestyle. They’re also built with the environment in mind, incorporating power-saving features, sustainable materials, and eco-conscious manufacturing standards.